Collection: Imperfect Walleye Bandits and Dead Eye Crank Baits

This section is for the baits that didn't quite meet the requirements of a standard stock bait. These are the baits I typically keep and use to test color patterns.  They run just as advertised but might have something that is just not perfect.  Some of the most common issues are listed below.

Foil Issues-They might have foil that was heated too long, foil with bubbles, clouded foil that looks perfect when trolled, and/or creased foil. At the end of the day, these are very reflective baits, but just not uniform in some spots.   

Paint Issues-There may be a paint streak, but typically I take care of these before I clear the baits.  You probably won't notice this issue much, but it could be there.

There might be other issues, but nothing that has caused an issue when trolling the baits.  These are heavily discounted for quick sale.  I can take more pictures if needed, but I've tried to capture individual baits for each issue they might have.  Call or e-mail with questions if you have any.

All baits offered are custom painted and may have slight variations in color or pattern.  I do my best to match the exact color and pattern provided in the pictures.  I have no issue with e-mail pictures and videos of the exact baits you are buying.