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Imperfect Dead Eye Crank Bait Pink Eye'd Shad

Imperfect Dead Eye Crank Bait Pink Eye'd Shad

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I'm calling these Imperfect because there are very minor flaws that happened during the foiling process.  The foil on these Dead Eye Crank Baits is clouded in areas on each bait.  As you turn the bait, the cloudiness disappears and looks identical to my regular stock offering.  I was going to offer these as regulars, but you can barely see the minor imperfections in the foil in the attached photos.  You can't see the imperfections as you turn them in light.  The imperfections disappear into a rainbow of colors.  A good way to get a really good color for a discounted price.  Plus, once these hit the water the Walleye's won't be able to tell the difference!

The clear coat is not an issue and is identical to my stock offering.

 Please e-mail or call if you have questions regarding these baits.

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